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Me & Emily's Inside Jokes :D

HeCk yeS!..You're hearin right... That is in FaCt.. PhArOah, PhArOah!  Yay!.. If you've never heard it.. it's a y-club song.. & it's just about... the best song ever made.. close up there with Star Trekkin! :):)
Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh baby, Let my people go! (yeah, yeah, yeah . . .) Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh baby, Let my people go! Well, the burning bush told me just the other day That I should come over here and say Got to get my people out of Pharaoh's hand And lead them on over to the promised land. Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh baby, Let my people go! (yeah, yeah, yeah . . .) Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh baby, Let my people go! Well, all of God's people came to the Red Sea With Pharaoh's army coming after me I raised my rod, stuck it in the sand And all of God's people walked across dry land. Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh baby, Let my people go! (yeah, yeah, yeah . . .) Pharaoh Pharaoh, Oh baby, Let my people go! Well all of Pharaoh's army was coming too So what do you think that I did do? I raised my rod and cleared my throat And all of Pharaoh's army did the dead man's float.
These go back like 5 years! lol lots.. & i cant even remember them all..

Are you a hotdog?
Cruly was Here!
Calm down curly!
Larry ROCKS!
Ivy went Cuckoo For Cocoa in the Canteen!
Make Austin your Frostin'!  (Saw him on the Channel ONE!)
C-R-I-E.. Cry
Curly, Plastic.. or JIM!?!
"What's in your cabinet Reid?".. Reid:"A Dead Person.."
Is that Adam BARE in the chest Area??
The Ramada Inn!
20 Ppl in ONE ROOM!
Stay On The Rope!
Whose Feet PEEL?
Do you like fruit loops?
Its That Lindsay Girl with the fake Hair..:O
You Are ONE sexy EGG!
THAT wasnt a good idea!
The Blur! ..Whoosh!.. & The little Blur..haha
Hey You!.. Underwear Head!
Phil as in...Lip?!?
The Orange E-blob
Well.. by Larry!
Tuzer has a big.......:D
I am in a DEEP PASSIONATE LOVE with baseball pants!
..lololol...He has BAD luck with Food..
Grin Again Gang!
One, Two, Three.. Red Fries!!
BLAST is a Blast!
Mini-Vans turn me on.. Mini vans MEGA fun..
lol, racin that guy.. was Frank his name?.. lol, with the large hair..
The GAY-DAR.. haha.. you shoulda rode that..
lol, he screamed like a girl the Whole TiME!
'Lower Your Weapon!'  ...'Noooooo'
Rutabegas!!  They're SO good! pickin 'em in archery! ..makin ppl eat 'em at break! haha.. i got 3 ppl to do it!
lol, Doin the flags! skippin half of 1st & 7th period Everyday!  Nobody knows that the BMS flags should be ashes right now.. haha.. lettin' em get wet accidently! lol, & hangin em out to dry!  lol, & that guy starin at us makin sure we did the triangle fold Perfectly! lol, that was the best..
Cryin in Wicker Park! lol, it was So good..
lol, the eye thing we used to do in 7th grade! everybody watchin us in Language like a tennis match! haha!
"Thank You Debra." 
"how old are you guys?"  "freshmen.." hahaha
"..Boxers..breifs..thongs.. commando?" 
"Excuse me.. EXCUSE me.. Excuse ME.."
"Now THAT's Pimpin!"
"Smiling is my Favorite.."
"Go get your 409.. or  your ..Awesome-sauce.."
"How'd ya like me to give you another belly-button Hairy Elephante'?" lol.. "HECK NO AT ALL!"
lol, "The girls'll be 'all up ons' "
"We're gonna sit over there with that guy.. with the comfy chairs.. & nooo firrre.." lol
"She's got mad chopstick skills.."
lol, *On our list of volleyball tourney names '-ThE MaD SkiLLz' lolol
The ScrAtch - N- SniFfs! 2nd place.. hell yes! lol
"Shutyourcakeholeireneimsensitive!" lol
*"Oh My Starry-Eyed Surprise.. Sundown to sunrise.. Dance all night.. dance all night to this DJ we're gonna dance all night to this DJ.."*
lol, I love you So Much!