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Stuff You'll Never Hear a Guy say!

lol.. Funny..

Oo. 50 Things a Guy Would NEVER Say .oO

1. Let's go somewhere where we have to get really dressed up.

2. Wow, you did your cuticles.

3. I'll pick you up early, b/c I really want to meet your parents.

4. Want to hit the outlet mall this weekend?

5. If you want to date other guys too, that's cool with me.

6. Dogs are fine, but kittens are more cuddly.

7. Hey, that shirt looks really good with those jeans.

8. Carson Daly is sooo deep.

9. How can anyone watch boxing? It's totally violent.

10. I can't wait to see the new Freddie Prinze Jr. movie.

11. Hey, today's our "two months from the first day we said hi" anniversary.

12. Didn't Gwyenth's outfit look amazing at the Oscars?

13. I think we're lost.

14. What's the point of dating if we're not going to get serious?

15. This scented candle doesn't smell sweet enough.

16. I like your dress--it's Rampage, right?

17. I wish the radio station played all Lilith Fair, all the time.

18. I fell so bloated.

19. Are you sure our signs are compatible?

20. Have you seen my unicorn notebook around?

21. You're right, Backstreet Boys are the best band ever.

22. Does anyone want to go to the men's room with me?

23. You should buy more shoes.

24. I should buy more shoes.

25. Do you think this green shirt washes me out?

26. I'm not that kind of guy.

27. Moshing is all good and fine until someone loses an eye.

28. I'd love to spend the day flipping through magazines and watching you get a pedicure.

29. "Felicity" always makes me cry.

30. Isn't snowboarding dangerous?

31. I think I need to feng shui my bedroom.

32. I want to hear all about your ex.

33. I'm having a bad hair day.

34. Do these jeans make my butt look big?

35. Why don't you ever hold my hand in front of your friends?

36. Katie Holmes and Chris Klein look so cute together.

37. Romeo & Juliet and a box of tissues is a great saturday night.

38. You should drive.

39. Hey, dude, you smell great--is that Obsession for Men?

40. Forget Mondy Night Football, I hear Ally McBeal is gonna rock this week.

41. Here, you take the remote.

42. Who cares about the Super Bowl? Let's cuddle.

43. So the point of this game is to get that big ball in that little hoop?

44. I wish we could talk about our relationship more.

45. Would you turn down that music--I'm going to go deaf.

46. I'd really love to learn to dance.

47. Pacey just makes "Dawson's Creek."

48. Jennifer Love Hewitt? She's ugly.

49. I baked you some brownies.

50. I'm scared--hold me.


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