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Shout Outs

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Thursday, Friday, Happy Days. The weekend comes, My cycle hums, Ready to race to you. These days are all, Happy and Free. (Those Happy Days) These days are all, Share them with me. (oh baby) Goodbye grey sky, hello blue. There's nothing can hold me when I hold you. Feels so right, it can't be wrong. Rockin' and rollin' all week long. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Thursday, Friday, Happy Days. Saturday, What a day, Groovin' all week with you. These days are all, Share them with me. (Those Happy Days) These days are all, Happy and Free. (oh baby) These Happy Days are your's and mine. These Happy Days are your's and mine, Happy Days.
Hi All! lol, These things take me FOREVER! So if you're not on here don't freak out, b/c im most likely not finished with it.. & will probably never be.. lol

Emily-.. Omg.. we have SO many memories.. lol, a WHOLE bunch.. like.. almost a decade's worth..You've been my best friend practically forever & i tell you EvERyTHing!.. lol, & we have SO many inside jokes! Go to your page up there to see them ALL!  I Love you So MUCH!
Austin- Hey Kid! lol I'm SO glad i got to know you.. You're a really cool person.. ive only known you for like.. 5 months.. & we've been goin out for that has to say somethin.. but it's been fun! ..movies at my house! The Notebook! lol, you waited a long time to see that.. but it was worth it.. the Notebook's the freakin best! lol, "Mel is so cool... I wish i was Mel right now.." lolol..  & i will long as i live..forget that note you gave me.. lol, it made me miss the bus!! but 4 months is a long time if you think about it.. its like.. 120 days.. gyah.. doesnt seem like it.. but it really has been a lot of fun..  I Love you SoOo Much!!
Whitney-Hey! Im so glad we're still pretty close.. lol, But the Y-club still isnt the same!!.. We had SO much fun in it though! way back in 03 when we had to do Live Out Loud on stage! haha.. & Fear Factor! Honey if you love me you'll smile! 04 Blast was SO much fun! We were cryin b4 they even got on stage!! lol,  CLC's comin up though.. & i Cant WAIT! 05's gonna be the Best YeT!!  It's so weird how we still always get mistaken for eachother! Some things'll never change! I love you!!
Claire- Hey!! Thanks for always bein there, & 'tryin' to give me advice.. lol, jk.. We've had lots of fun though! Sneakin out & gettin stood up.. homecoming night.. That one Friday.. haha.. gettin drunk off spritzer.. lol,  I love you!...'Cortesi!!' lol, Thats tooo cute..
Michaela- Heyhey! 'Hop & a Skip' away.. lol, yeah.. That was the BEST night EVER.. & we got away with it!! Still cant believe that one!.. & i had a VERY good reason for screaming!.. lol, & Playin in the rain was SoOo much fun!! RiP HeR tO ShReDs!! haha I love ya!
Kimberly- Hey! Ag is Crazy! lol, Prisoners put up those dirty lights!! Ew.. lol, The UnIbRoW!  "Dick's Automotive.... FULL SERVICE!!" lol, You're too Funny! I love you!
Charleigh- Hey! I'm glad we're still friends! You have to come to my party whenever it is! lol, I love you!
Austin (AUDIE!)- lol, you & Tyler get so weird when you're together .. but away from him.. You're really cool.. lol, jk.. But You are.. lol, except when you have a waterhose nearby.. lol, or marshmellows.. haha.."FrEakY-NaUghTy!" :D!  I love yoU!
Alison- hey! Home Ec & Health were SO much fun with you! lol, you're tooo crazy.. & you seriously need to come over some time.. it'd be lots of fun! lol, I love you!
Sarah- Hey! Omg.. it was crazy this year.. Homecoming..keepin warm on Mason lol..  world history.. home ec.. lol, lookin for ZaChArY at lunch.. All our BAD notes in Coach D's class.. haha.. Yeah we have some secrets! lol, SsHh..But we ARE doin that one of these days! haha lol i Love you!! 
Kaci- hey! 'screwed up life club'! lol, yeah.. that still applies!.. We've had some CRAZY times..haha.. Back in the day.. goin to ALL the baseball games! You take an hour to get fries.. lol.. "Did you want LARGE..or Smallll?" haha.. Skippin class & goin to ISS! "C-c-can i go to the bathroom?" lolol.. rubbin our faces tryin SO hard not to laugh in the principals office! lol, 'NEUTRALS!  Under-Cover neutral.. lol, he didnt even KNOW he was one.. but he was..   lol, Claire swervin down your drive way haha.. .. I love you so much!
Patrick- HeY!  We've had some times.. lol, but they were mostly good..(except that time you told me your grandma died.. but we wont get into THAT one right now..) & you know alllll my secrets.. I SO miss havin Y-club to share with you.. we had the best time in middle school... :( ..but I'm really glad you were in 2 of my classes!! Biology was SO much fun!  You're one of my BEST friends & i love you SO much!! Keep my letter!! i love you!
Phillip- Hey! I got Sooo much closer to you this year.. i forgot what a good friend you were.. i hope we stay like this! lol,Oh.. & those basketball games were So much fun! lol, & About what you say is gonna happen one day.. haha.. i doubt it! lol, jk.. I love you!
Tyler- Hey! We've had some crazy times, you wearin my Hug-Me sweater.. my purple,..fuzzy.. sparkley hug-me sweater.. lol, the 8th grade dance.. Mrs.Hancock's HR.. & Science.. lol, OH! & 7th grade language.. w/Mrs.Hendley!! remember when you had a bubble butt?! that was soooo funny.. & everybody was like.."Hey.. where do your shorts end..?" lol!, gyah.. & now this year.. Biology was cool.. & Lit & Ag.. lol, your freewrites trip me out.. but your freakin road letter to Teddy made me CRY!.. gyah.. lol, but hittin Mrs.Shawl with the stick! lol, & fighting over the skittles..& Heather almost Kickin your ASS.. lol, you are one crazy kid! I love you!
Reid- Hey! lol, you made Biology so much funnier than it was .. lol, & thanks for SAVING me from being left in the woods by Tyler & Cameron.. lol, i still gotta give you that bracelet.. & if you break it.. i'll KILL you!! lol, jk.. I Love you!
Deedra- hey! Ive lots of fun gettin to know you better! You're a really cool person!..Stay in yclub! CLC's gonna be great!! You get to see the beach!! lol I love you!